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“Es ist von Gewicht welche


Beziehungen knüpfen. 
Es ist von Gewicht welche 

Welten Welten


Donna Haraway


BIO. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, in 2008.
She is currently living and working as sound and media artist, video maker and musician based in Vienna. She realizes big sound installations in public space as well as video art, musical composition and silentnoise performances. The artist is mainly interested in close listening, in the intersections of audio and visual arts and the dynamics of relations and systems on individual, sociopolitical and technological level. Various exhibitions, performances and residencies in national and international context, New Austrian Sound of Music Grant 2014/2015, Recognition Awars for Media Arts, Lower Austria, 2019

Photos: © Arnold Haberl

Gefüge /Cloud    (2019)
Electronics, metal mesh  

“Cloud“ is an anthropomorphic, kinetic sculpture made of metal mesh, that enrolls a momentary social constellation, but also follows its own, pulsating logic. The mesh reacts to changes in the electric  eld caused by the presence of people and other factors in the room. This generates breathing movements, that vary in intensity and direction and manifest in the shape of the metal mesh over a longer period of time. Contrasting the heavy materiality of the metal, the sculpture forms a  oating object in a random accumulation of  ne, conductive threads in motion. The mesh becomes vivid matter, apparently essential, and re ects a reference system of anthropomorphic interpretation.    
Electricity is not just a tool or a means to an end, it is artistic material and as a physical medium a central player in the object. Donna Haraway calls this an „inorganic negotiator in processes and structures.

Photos: © Damian Griffiths

Something in the Air  (2017)
Fans, Wood, Electricity

The object transforms the acoustic sound of human speech into the haptic experience of air movement.
A recording of a spoken text is applied on the power control circuit of fans and thereby generates wind out of words. By the sound of the rotating engines and the floating air, the phonemes can be perceived as whispering schemes even without loudspeakers and thus refer to the nature of the articulated language in a physical sense.

Photos: © Christine Schörkhuber

Geräuschteppich/Sonic Carpet   (2019)
Carpet, Sound, Microcontrollers

The noise carpet is an environment for active listeners - experiencing an electroacoustic concert. The carpet as a furnishing object, warming surface, room divider and generally inconspicuous everyday object. Here it becomes the center a staged szenario, taking up the expectable and speculating with the unexpectable.
Pressure sensors under the carpet control a modular composition, its form and interaction is determined by the audience. Walking, standing, lying down and sitting triggers different constellations and sound fields. The noise carpet is a collective, space and situation-related electronic instrument that is played by the visitors through their movements. 


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