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“ When

I want

to be heard

I whisper.”


BIO.  Ulla Rauter works at the interface between sound and fine art. Her works include performative sculptures, music performances and interactive sound objects. She has realized a series of interactive works in public space on the subject of silence. One main field of her work is the development of experimental electronic sound devices. Her sensor-based electronic music instruments have been shown internationally in solo performances or as objects in exhibitions. In 2010 she and Christine Schörkhuber founded the annual sound-art show Sound Manifestos. Since 2013 she's got a lectureship at the University of Applied Arts, Department of Digital Art.


Photos: © Ulla Rauter

Electronics, synthetic voice performance

Talking hands is a sensor-based gestural interface developed as a live instrument to controll an artificial voice.
The synthetic voice is played by the artists hand movements, changing its pitch and attributes while reacting on different gestural cues.
The artificial voice - usually aimed to imitate the human voice as closely as possible - becomes an autonomouos artistic tool of expression.

Photos: © Ulla Rauter

Sound calligraphie (2015)
Sonificated drawings

Sound calligraphies are hand-drawn voices. Based on spectrograms of spoken words I developed a calligraphic system of symbols, which I draw and sonificate in a live performance by use of brightness values. Thus, speech sounds become perceptible – the painted sound becomes an artificial voice.

Photos: © Silence Collector

Silence Collector (2020)
Wood, electronics

Silence collectors are stand-alone recording devices, able to collect silent recordings autonomously. The recorder gets an infrared signal and starts recording only when the actual sound level comes below a certain value. As soon as loud noises are interrupting the silence, the record will pause the recording. The collected recordings represent moments of comparative silence, which draw attention to the lowest-level acoustic events and the differents in the noise floor according to the characteristics of the place where it’s been recorded.


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