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BIO.  Lena Violetta Leitner explores power structures and social patterns using the means of irony and humour. The works, which range from installations and interventions to performances, scrutinise our constructions of what is ‘natural’ or ‘alien’. They employ language in the form of code, text and sound, hacking objects, systems and structures.
Part of the artistic practice is the collaborative process. Lena Violetta Leitner works with experts from the most varied fields; networking and support of women is an important concern for her here. In 2017 she graduated from the Department of Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna - with the foundation of the "IZMP".

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Photos: © Universalmuseum Joanneum Neue Galerie_ N. Lackner / Lena Violetta Leitner 

IZMP (Integrationszentrum für Migrierte Pflanzen)  (2017-ongoing)
Fictitious institution

IZMP (Integration Centre for Migrated Plants) is a fictional institution that presents its “scientific” results in a wide variety of forms - in exhibitions, lecture performances or virtual presentations.
Inexpensive, exotic plants from the garden center and invasive alien species* from nature are examined for their ability to integrate in Austria.

*Invasive neophytes are all those plants that came in/directly from humans to new areas since 1492. They are mainly known for pushing native species away. During time, the connotations of plants changed and are often used for a political agenda.

In the Language Lab - depending on their state of growth - the foreign plants are exposed to German and a behavior course, while their resistance value is measured electronically. The resistance value ultimately decides the integration value of the plant:
If the resistance value is low, the plant receives the integration pass; if it is high, the plant is sorted out.

Postcards (7sachen; verwanderung; tanzhaus, tanz) (2016)

The postcard series is created during different residencies and consists of video collages of my body and the landscape. It reflects the stories that I find on site.My head, my house. The artist and her household. One inspiration is the “Great Mother”, a prehistoric figure and goddess. Sometimes it feels like all of the previous struggles for equality are being erased today and we are taking a few steps back. My postcards send messages of stopping and moving, migration or retreat to the “idyll”. Now, during times of self-isolation, this video series gains some other perspectives.

funktionieren.produzieren.präsentieren. / function.production.presentation. (2013)
Electrical grinder, electronics, custom speaker, soundfile

Collaboration with Petra Waldek

An electric grinder hangs vertically below a self -made loudspeaker (consisting of a tupperware dose). The loudspeaker gives instructions on how to lead a happy, successfull life. The grinder turns on the lightbulb and the motor, but as it is empty, it grinds nothing.


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