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BIO. Francis Ruyter works with issues of style and recognition behind image-making, and connects this activity to social and technological forces driving contemporary experience and historical archiving. In 2008, he began replacing his own photographic source material with the Library of Congress’ FSA/OWI archive of depression era photographs, conceptually locating ‘the archive’ as subject matter, in place of indexing his own lived experience. Francis Ruyter currently lives in Vienna, Austria where he has produced more than 30 exhibitions of other artists’ work since opening Galerie Lisa Ruyter there in 2003.

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Louise Rosskam: Washington, D.C. Canning class conducted by the Mothers' Club at the Barney neighborhood houses, Southwest Washington”  (2015)
Acrylic on Canvas, 250 x 600 cm  

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Russell Lee: Farm girl leaning on wagon, near Morganza, Louisiana  (2013)
Acrylic on Canvas, 170 x 120 cm

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“John Collier: Turkey Pond, near Concord, New Hampshire. Women workers employed by U.S. Department of Agriculture timber salvage sawmill. Ruth DeRoche and Norma Webber, eighteen year old “pit-women,” relaxing after lunch” 
Acrylic on Canvas, 150x150 cm


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