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BIO. Ipek Burçak is an artist, born in Istanbul, studied art in Kassel and in Vienna. She is 1/2 of Well Gedacht Publishing, a DIY publishing collective founded in 2019, dedicated to publications in different forms and media by artists of color. She is currently working as an artistic associate in the research project titled ‘Re_coding Algorithmic Culture’, connected with the School of Arts Kassel. Her working modes vary from video, sound, installation, publishing to media performance such as reading, listening, screening and/or a combination of these. In her works she usually forms speculative approaches to affects, anti-ableism and left-field ways of beings.

Photos: © Eva Würdinger

The Autistic Turn (2018-19)
Publicano, Sound, Performance

The Autistic Turn is a project which includes an artist’s book and spreads itself into other forms and media. The project deals with affective computing & idiosyncrasies of the autism spectrum in intersectional waters. Autistic turn comes after the previous turns such as the affective turn and other western feminist turns and aims to bring a fresh wave. Links, facts and non-facts emerge that in turn affect affective computing.

Photos: © Ipek Burçak

Tiny Dinosaurs on Titan (2019)
Video Installation

It all begins with swinging,
obviously floating on a not stable ground

Tiny dinosaurs on Titan refer to something that would be weird
Weird life is called the life form supposed to be on Titan
Life other than carbon-based
Very similar to that life existing in the deep earth undergrounds
Life forms that need methane to breath and ammonia water to drink

Titan - very cold - exotic
I hear one of the children visiting the museum saying
“Dinosaurs are still living in Africa”

In animation, there is the potential for decategorization
of things, subjects, objects.
One of the requirements for adulthood is to have a selfhood
that is managed by mastering of one self.

The children museum
showing different thesis of the future and the past

Photos: © Ipek Burçak

Bad Feelings pt. 2 (2016)
Interactive installation

Bad Feelings pt. II is a continuation of Bad Feelings pt. I, starring hacked McDonald’s animals toys telling about hopes and depression. The project handles bad feelings, depression, anxiety and thematizes the gaps between the societies caused by class, race, sex and ableism that affect menthal health that then in turn enlarge these gaps. The experimental interactive stories include both biographic and fictional elements. Bad Feelings pt. II is made with the support of, a platform for interactive comics made by Katharina Röser and Matthias Hartmann.


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