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“ We are entirely


by the human cosmos. 
There is no place and    
no experience that has             
not been designed by       
    the agenda of a



BIO. Laura Wagner is a fine artist that works mainly in the field of sculpture. From 2006 to 2012 she studied »Sculpture and Multimedia« in the class Prof. Erwin Wurm at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and »Mass Media Research and Art in public space« at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig (HGB) with Prof. Günther Selichar from 2009 - 2010. Wagner won the »START Stipendium" of the Austrian Federal Chancellery in 2014. She grew up in Munich and is based in Vienna.

Photo: © Laura Wagner

Self Portrait with Tongue (2011)
HD Video     

The video shows the artist in profile while displaying her tongue.

Photos: © Laura Wagner 

Home Alone  (2018)
Concrete cast, 18x74x23cm

The sculpture is a concrete cast of the exact light beam, that is falling through the house’s dog flap in the film »Home Alone«. »Home Alone« (1990) is a film in which a rich boy defends his house against two stupid thiefs who almost like in a Freudian dream penetrate the house through every possible opening. The dog flap is a humorous, separating and connecting moment of having and not having, poor and rich, being a small boy and being an adult criminal.

Photo: © Matthias Bildstein

Cyclone Fence   (2019)
Concrete cast, 6,5x18-180x6,5 cm

The sculptures show light beams that fall through a cyclone fence  .


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