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BIO. Patrícia J. Reis (b. 1981, Lisbon, Pt) is an installation artist based in Vienna whose practice encompasses different formats and media to examine our relationship with modern technology. Through an ongoing investigation that destabilizes the boundaries between science, technology, magic, and spiritual beliefs, she explores the questions “How do we believe in machines?” and “How is technology shaping us bodily?”. In her complex installations she often appeals to the visitor’s sensoriality in an intimate and sensual way, encourage them to become active participants.

Photos: © Sophie Thun

BLOW!  (2019)
Interactive installation composed by “massage chair”, microphone sensor, microcontroller system

In the light of the current digital media context, in which data and privacy are major topics of discussion, Patrícia J. Reis artwork examines potential processes of semantic translation between humans and machines. Blow! (2019) focuses on one's own intimate haptic system, taking into consideration their sensorial mechanism as an apparatus for the construction of individual sensations. The interactive installation invites participants to engage physically and bodily, experiencing haptic sensations resultant from the data collected from their own breath. Blowing the sensor (blue suspended object) activates the vibration motors embedded in the seat and back of the object. The vibration routine is always different and depends on how the participant blows in the sensor.

Photos: © Manfred Pichlbauer

Underneath the Skin Another Skin (2016)
Audiovisual tactile installation

Underneath the skin another skin is an audio-visual-tactile interactive installation presented in the shape of three human-scale tridimensional objects. It is made of flexible materials such as textiles, inviting the interacting audience to engage physically in a bodily sensorial and sensuous relationship with the artwork. The objects contain interactive devices and tactile sensors that, when used, trigger multiple sensorial stimuli in the interactor. The interactive installation focuses on the interactor’s intimate haptic sensorial experience, taking into consideration his or her sensorial and cognitive mechanisms as a potential apparatus in the construction of unique individual experiences.

Photos: © Jessica Whittman

Sensorial Screen (2018)
Audiovisual tactile installation

Sensorial Screen is an interactive installation that considers the body as a screen, as a place, in which complex visual information can be perceived as a sensation, and felt at the skin level. By focusing on the haptic experience of the participant it takes into consideration his or hers sensorial biological apparatus in the construction of unique individual phenomenological experiences. Given the complexity of visual information in the field of visual and conceptual art we assist in our days, how can one create new ways of experience, in which the sensorial system of the participants is determinant and acts in an interactive manner within the art work? The artist explores innovative forms of communication bounded in emotions and sensuality, rather then in cognitive and intellectual comprehension, as a possible answer to that problem.


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