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“There is a lot of talk about going

back to

Respecting and
being at one with it.

But once you are


  do you know

what you are looking at?”


BIO.  Saskia Te Niclkin (b. 1979, Cpoenhagen, DK) is a visual artist based in Vienna (AT). Her practice comprises of collage, painting, drawing, and installation, often working with themes such as sex, death, nature and human clumsiness and violence. She studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien (2009) and holds a MFA from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen in 2010. Latest shows include WUK, VINVIN, Biquini Wax, Mz* Bathazar’s Lab., Galerie Stadt Schwaz, Nächst St Stephan LOGIN, VeSch, Kluckyland, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, YEARS, Gallery Diana Lambert a.o. She is currently the assitant at the Art & Photography Class (akbild) under prof. Martin Guttman.

Photos: © Saskia Te Nicklin

Ham-fisted Garden Party, installation view   (2018)
Aluminum, wood, glue, ink, marker pen, plastics

The show was held at Francis Ruyters studio in Vienna, invited by gallery VinVin. Around 20 aluminum panels created a mirroring effect and thus also including the onlooker into the work. The glue-bodies would be of different humanoid creatures showing different postures and
emotions. There would be depictions of fear and anxiety, death and violence. Scenes looking like lovers enjoying themselves suddenly could look like a full blown rape amidst pretty flowers and bees and garbage.

Photos: © Saskia Te Nicklin

So Fresh On Top, So Rotten Below, Installation view  (2019)
Aluminum, wood, glue, ink, marker pen, plastics

The installation shot is part of a bigger collection of work from the show So Fresh On Top So Rotten, which was shown at gallery VinVin in 2019. Again aluminum panels would cover the white walls of the gallery space, there would be art pieces satnding on the floor intead of hanging. Scraps of broken glue bodies and bits of plastic wrapping would drop to the floor thus giving the whole show a sense of a fresh studio situation still to be installed.  There were images of elbow bones and razor blades, flowers vomiting flowers, compost piles, garbage cats and a portrait picking its nose out of boredom. The image shown depicts a skeleton with a dildo, bees humping bees, giant plastic flowers and a picnic blanket with an arse and food on top. 

Photos: © Saskia Te Nicklin

Crying Class (2020) Ink and aquarelle on pastel paper

The work derives from an on-going series where I portray different situations on a background of comfy pillows and blankets. first glance presents a homey and cosy situation, but the amass of pillows and covers also seem asphyxiating. The works in the series have titles often including the word Class, where I want to point out the double meaning of it; either an education class or a socio-political class. 


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