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“Through the power of




I use art as a tool
to create
sensory experiences
that give the
opportunity to think



BIO. Tina Kult (1991, Semipalatinsk, KAZ) is a media artist who lives and works in Vienna. She studies Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and spent a guest year in the experimental film class at the UdK Berlin. She is co-founder of the collective The (new) Constellation and experiments in her work with a wide range of media such as virtual/ augmented reality, 3D, or animation. Among others, her work has been shown at Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (2018), Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna (2017) and Art+Text, Budapest (2017).

Photos: © The (new) Constellation

Glue in Reality (2018)
Augmented reality installation

Our daily distractions are our new rituals. Economic and political concepts, as well as religious ideas, still shape our faith today. Due to new networking opportunities, people are more than ever busy inventing new doctrines and updating their mythology to address important questions about body, soul, spirituality, life and death. Glue in Reality is a series of augmented reality installations. Each work consists of an installation, a wall trigger and an app, with which the user can dive into a virtual sculpture. Higher beings, such as The Gluten Shaman, The Anti-Aging Prophet or The Datasoul appear. They are embedded in a landscape of their own materiality. Hashtags fly around and a voice speaks of self-optimization, consumption and the latest dietary trends. The users are invited to experience the different levels of the works performatively through their own movement. The works were created in the collective The (new) Constellation with Agnes Varnai and Tímea Strott. More information:

Photos: ©Tina Kult

Tempelhofer Freiheit   (2017)
Interactive video installation

Tempelhofer Freiheit invites the viewer to participate in an innovative karaoke experience that coalesces 1990’s music, animation and socio-political issues. The He-Man cover of the song „What’s Up?“ by 4NonBlondes accompanies a video depicting a refugee couple in the Berlin subway near the station of the former Berlin Tempelhof airport. Whilst the crass cartoon superhero version of the classic tune starkly contrasts with the seriousness of present global migration issues, the social commentary of the song lyrics appropriately question the state of society, asking „What’s going on?“. Text: Bahar Ahu Sağin

Photos: © Mira Klug, Tina Kult

IM VORBEI   (2019)
poster series in public space

Tina Kult’s posters were created from views of a constructed micro-settlement in 3D space for whose textures she used her own photographs, altered them and added different transparencies and layers. The rasterization of the facade views creates a generalization of the image of the community building, which is broken up by the individual details of the flower boxes and reflections in the window. Text: Clara Hofmann (translation from German by the artist)


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